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Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love what I do and I generally remain completely engaged with the task at hand until it is complete to my best ability… but sometimes there are those few moments where I literally need to remove my brain from my head, place it on my icing sugar covered counter top, and forget about everything that’s going on in order to keep my sanity. To fill you in, here are a few things I will do during these sometimes bizarre moments of serenity

-Chug half a 2 litre of Diet Dr. Pepper
-See how high I can kick
-Throw in a load of laundry
-Sing “Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue
-Band-Aid up a good old slice on the left index finger
-Eat a grilled cheese sandwich. Well not really. Just brown bread toasted with a skim milk cheesey thing slapped in the middle
-Call my dad and bitch about anything I can think of
-Yell at my dog
-Practice triple pirouettes
-Open my freezer and stick my head in it briefly
-Light some candles
-Sing “Land Down Under” by Men at Work
-Sweep up piles of icing sugar
-Go out on my patio and drink one of my husband’s beers
-Refill my pepper grinder
-Go to the store to buy 3 sugar free Monsters
-Call my husband in the middle of the day and tell him to come home.

I’m sure I could just turn on the TV or even the radio someday, but for now I just prefer to leave it dead silent and work through it with a few little pauses along the way.

Good night <3

2 Responses to Things I do to keep myself entertained while baking

  1. Rebecca says:

    Sheila! I have really been amazed at watching your cake business grow – particularly the speed at which it has done so! I can’t believe you still plan weddings AND work at the Junktion at the same time. I was beginning to think you were some kind of super human.. possibly a robot…? There is something really real and raw about this blog. You get to vent and blow steam while letting people see your human side. Keep doing what you do!
    Also, I thought my bf and I were the only people in the world who drank Diet Dr. Pepper!

  2. Stock quote says:

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