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If you know me, you know that I love tattoos. I have a large collection of body art that I am quite proud of. All of my tattoos are done by the fabulous Mark Ainsworth of Rain City Tattoo in Vancouver. He has become a best friend of mine over the years. We are both so ridiculously busy with our businesses that sometimes I’ll book myself in for a little piece just to hang out and catch up for a while. Nothing like some good old tattoo therapy to relieve some stress

When you think of tattoo artists, I’m pretty sure one of the first that comes to mind is Kat Von D. What can I say? This chick is so rad an MEGA talented. I plan to one day have a tattoo of the Winged Victory of Samothrace done by her. I’ll be saving the whole right side of my back for that day to come.

Kat has been someone who I’ve admired for quite some time. Although her form of art is so much different than mine, her creativity is really something to look up to. I have been inspired time and time again by this woman. I had a pretty kickass opportunity to meet her the other day. I met her a while back at a Chapters book signing, but this time was different. As soon as I heard she was coming to town (which was the day before) I decided to make her some personalized cupcakes!

Pretty awesome right? I was actually thinking about making her a cake at first, but I decided to wear some sky high neon pink pumps instead. Holding a cake for however long I would have had to AND stand in those things? Not likely. Plus I thought it might be super weird and creepy for me to show up with a cake. I think security would have had a question or two for me once I got close to her. When I told my friend DJ Physik that I was thinking of making her a cake, he said he immediately thought of that scene where Borat meets Pamela Anderson. Not good. Cupcakes it was. Look how happy she was!

As soon as she opened up that box I jumped up and down a little. I was so stoked that KAT VON FREAKIN D was opening a box from Pink Ribbon Bakery. What a trip! It was such a proud moment for me and one that I will never forget. Once she thanked me she made sure this picture happened next.

Oh so happy! Right after I left I called my husband and then my dad. Yes my dad thinks Kat is a total babe and he was so excited to hear about my experience. By the way, I totally have Kat to thank for my dad’s open mind on the whole tattoo thing. Until he saw her on TV, he was not a fan of his little girl covering herself in permanent art. As soon as he decided she was still a 10 despite the tattoos, he changed his mind and is now excited to see me every time I get a new one.

That night, Kat posted two photos on her Instagram. One of her and I with the cupcakes which got almost 15,000 likes, and then one of the cupcakes alone which got over 34,000 likes!!! Those numbers are incredible! I woke up the next morning in shock at how many notifications I had. I honestly thought it was broken for a second.

2 days after meeting a superstar, I held a fundraiser at my bakery for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Through social media, a lot of the people who stopped by knew about my experience with Kat and asked all about it. That day I passed my $500 goal and raised almost $1400. Talk about a kickass week!

This was definitely a moment that I will never forget. It was truly an honor making cupcakes for someone I admire so much. From one artist to another with so much love and respect.

Rock and Roll


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