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Ok so here is how the story goes. I’ll start off by saying that I have my best friend Anthony to thank for this whole experience. You may know him better as 6x DJ of the YEAR DJ Physik so throughout the rest of this post I will refer to him as Physik. Keep in mind that I have been so damn busy with my business lately that I didn’t even realize Snoop Dogg was coming to Vancouver until Thursday, and the concert was Friday.

Physik: So are you going to make cupcakes for Snoop Dogg?
Me: (not knowing he was coming) Ummmmm… not that I know of?
Physik: Oh.
Me: Weirdo. How would that even happen?
Physik: Well I’m DJing both of his concerts tomorrow night and I have 2 tickets to give out. I can give you one.

And then the brainstorming for design begins. I knew these cupcakes had to scream Snoop so they had to be super personalized and memorable. Here was what I came up with.

Pretty cool right?

So I get to the Commodore and through many security checks, I manage to get myself to the door of the greenroom. You should have seen me walking through the crowds with this big pink box labeled “To Snoop Dogg”. People seriously thought I was some super crazed fan. You would too right? I had to tell every security guard “No I am not trying to poison Mr. Snoop Dogg sir”. Physik was on stage DJing at this point so I had his superhero girlfriend Adriana work her charm to help get me back there. By then it was time for Snoop to hit the stage. This was my view of the concert.

After the concert all the “fine bitches” back stage were led to a room labeled “Snoopadelics”. I could tell right away what was going on. I took my chance and pulled Snoop’s DJ aside and said “Listen… I’m not here for the same reason the rest of these girls are. I really shouldn’t be out this late (2am at this point) because I have to get up at 5am to bake cakes for my clients. I only came to bring him these” and I opened the box to show him. I can’t even count how many times how many times he said “These are fuckin DOPE!”

Next thing I knew I was in a room with Snoop, his uncle Junebug, his son Spanky, and a security guard who looked exactly like Jesse James.

He LOVED the cupcakes! He was in awe for the first little bit. He said “Wow, this is so thoughtful. Thank you so much. You are a true artist. How long did this take you?” I said “3 hours” He said “you have taken the time to learn about me and create these cupcakes based on everything that Snoop Dogg is all about. I am very impressed!” He kissed me on the cheek right after he said that. EEK! Then he asked me about my bakery and from there he wanted to know my whole story. I stayed and talked with him for about 15 minutes. I couldn’t even believe what was actually happening. I just kept thinking to myself, ~Holy shit… this is Snoop Dogg right here in front of me, and he’s asking me about my business~ WOW!!! He made sure he knew my name and he took 3 business cards, one for every pocket so he wouldn’t lose them. He was no nice and so polite and honestly a true gentleman. I couldn’t have been happier.

This morning he Instagram’d and Tweeted my cupcakes. The picture made it to the popular page and the likes are just ticking away right now. Such a trip!

A HUGE thank you again to DJ Physik for giving me the opportunity to do this. You are the bestest!



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