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I probably shouldn’t be telling this story…. but it’s been long enough that all I can do is laugh about it now. I’ll just share it with you anyway.

In my first few months of caking, I had a lady come to me with a unique request. She had planned a long weekend wedding and wanted something different. Instead of ordering a cake for her wedding reception, she wanted each of her guests to have their own mini cake. These cakes would serve as both their dessert and wedding favour, so they had to be good! The bride also wanted a selection of flavours for some variation. Each cake was to be intricately designed using fondant, gumpaste moulds, ribbon etc. and then placed neatly at each table setting. All 200 of them! Now I was SUPER new to cake-land at this point and I was just getting my feet wet in the wedding cake industry. I thought this was a huge opportunity for me so I took the challenge with zero hesitation. Before I tell you what I charged for this order, I just want to remind you that I straight up had no clue what I was doing or getting myself into. I charged $3.00 a cake :|

The week before the big day arrives. I went to my supply shop and bought 12 rings to bake all of these mini cakes in. They were expensive. Like really expensive. So I only bought 12 and I figured they’d bake really fast and I could throw them through a super quick rotation. While one set of cakes baked I’d be able to ice and decorate the others and so on. I had everything I needed and my schedule was set. I was ready. I also feel like I need to mention that I was still baking from my home at the time. My house was a bakery.

These cakes were needed for a Saturday and I worked another full time job back then. I figured I’d work my corporate job on Friday, go to sleep early and then get everything done on Saturday morning.

I had Matt helping me that day. The alarm went off at 4am and we put a pot of coffee on and began. Everything immediately sucked. Baking took long, fondant kept cracking, ran out of ingredients twice, time was not on our side and it was HOT!!! With the oven on all day in the middle of summer in an un-air-conditioned room, we were both starting to go crazy. I cried a little. Then I burned myself like 4 times with those stupid expensive cake rings. I called my brother to come help and he did. He was set to the designated ribbon tying area. The dude does not tie ribbons. At this point I realized how much I underestimated this whole monster. It was taking so much longer than expected and OH MY WORD was it ever hot. We baked and iced and fondanted and decorated and repeated all morning/afternoon long. We were seriously starting to run out of time. I called more people to come over and help but everyone was away for the long weekend… including my husband. It was just us three to face this mess I started. The cakes were turning out incredible, but EFF were they ever taking a long time to make. I cried a little more. Then I dropped a knife on my foot and it stood straight up. I totally stabbed myself. I took it out and bled. I went to the bathroom and fixed it and at this point we were almost out of time. We were cutting it so close to the delivery deadline.

FINALLY we tied the last ribbon around the last cake and we were done. We hustled so hard to get the cakes loaded into my truck. There was no time to even breathe. Then, as I was making sure we didn’t forget anything my brother says to me while still in a cake hell, icing sugar coated daze “Wouldn’t it be funny if we had the wrong day” I laughed really hard and then stopped. I dropped everything I had in my hands. Remember how I mentioned it was a long weekend? Yes. We had the wrong $%*#ing day. The cakes were due tomorrow! And then I really cried. Like really REALLY cried. And then I had a beer… and then a few more.

Way too many lessons were learned that weekend. To this day I don’t know how Matt and my brother are still my best friends. I almost feel like I still owe them somehow. I still have a mini scar on my foot too from the damn knife.

Man did it feel good to share this story with you.

The end.


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